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What readers have said about In the Eyes of Anahita
Watch the Story of Sarah and how In the Eyes of Anahita inspired the life of one teenager who is now changing the world:

 “In the Eyes of Anahita is a captivating read that presents profound truth in the entertaining guise of fiction. Hugo Bonjean shares the story of a wisdom quest in the tradition of James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy and Daniel Quinn's Ishmael, but with deeper practical and spiritual insights. Highly recommended.”

Dr. David C. Korten, international best-selling author of When Corporations Rule the World, and board chair, YES! A Journal of Positive Futures


“In the Eyes of Anahita reads like "The Celestine Prophecy" but goes to a much deeper level of understanding the global connection all humans have with one another and with our Earth. This is a very powerful book and I wish everyone would read it!”  -Kimberley Jaeger, reporter, Common Ground, WZLX, Boston, MA-


“If your goal is to change the world one person at a time, you have succeeded with me. I have read many books on similar subject matter, but none have moved me like yours. Thank you for your gift.” -David Britton, sales manager/trainer-


“Hello Hugo,

I purchased your book on Saturday afternoon. It was not my intention to make any purchases that day, I was there for the pleasure of viewing only.  I believe people and things come into our lives for a reason, and, your book came to me for a reason.  I read the Celestine Prophecy many years ago and enjoyed it immensely, however, your book stands alone and above.  I can compare your writing to that of Robin Sharma and Paulo Coelho and some of my other favorite authors. Thank-you for this very incredible novel - I am on page 187 - and do not want the reading to end. I look forward to you writing another incredible book. This one will stay in my library forever.  

Regards, Irene Pelchat, consultant”


"In the eyes of Anahita is the kind of book you just have to read more than once (or twice). The first time I could hardly put it down, because it is a fascinating story, however, there is a lot more to it than a story. The book never made it from my bedside table back to the bookcase before I had to read it again. This second time I could focus more on the enormous amount of learning that is available between its covers. And as I will read it again and again I am sure that I will find "new" information each time, because of the "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" effect.

Hugo has done a great job of not only giving a fascinating account of a spiritual journey, but also giving readers ideas on how to go about making a difference in this world. He has really made this book into "a big bundle of positive energy". As more people in the world are reading this book, the impact will undoubtedly become noticeable.  Thank you very much Hugo!" -Annemieke Olsen, mother of teenagers-



i just finished reading your book and OMG! it was awesome!! it is definitely one of the best books that i have ever read, and i think far more suitable for today’s youth than the Celestine Propecy, since it shows directly what's happening while giving you a way to change things.

it's awesome that it shows you exactly what's happening instead of just saying how things aren't fair and that there's poverty. It really inspired me to try to get involved with something. You hear about fair trade, and how most of the world is getting ripped off, but never really understand how or why. Your book really gives an awesome perspective on the subject.  Anyway, thanks for writing such an eye-opening book.

Taryn, teenager”


“Dear Mr. Bonjean, I will begin by saying that I was the lucky recipient of your incredible book " In the eyes of Anahita" as a Christmas gift. As yet, I am not finished reading it, I am trying to savor it. I thought it would be an interesting read, I have spent time in different areas of Central Mexico and the Latin American culture is fascinating and important to me. I was not prepared for a book that describes so eloquently a view of the world and our role in it, that I have been a student of for years. I am a member of an amazing book club, and this is going to be my selection for everyone to read.  Thank you for your insight, and your most amazing book!  Robin Grimstead, book club member”


“In the Eyes of Anahita is one of those rare gems of literature.  Readers will spread the news of the story and its meaning until it becomes a classic. This is a journey that each one of us wishes to go on. No, desires to go on. To be able to find out who we are and for what purpose we are here in this world. Hugo Bonjean has written about his astounding journey, discovering his truth and finding a place of peace.  Between the lines of his story are truths that all need to find. Mr. Bonjean has shared his journey as a well-written and thought-provoking story. I enjoyed this book and have recommended it to others. It is hard not to like its easy style. It touches the heart. It renews the spirit of the soul and it hands us an invitation to rethink who and what we are!”  -Gary Hoffart, teacher-


"Hugo Bonjean’s novel is a spellbinding journey of discovery. Magically woven, suspenseful and evocative, it takes us from the world we know into the heart of what it means to be human." -Diane Dreher, author of The Tao of Personal Leadership and Professor of English, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Santa Clara University-


“Mr. Bonjean,

I have just finished "In the Eyes of Anahita". I found it an excellent read, and many of the important themes parallel my own experiences and change of perspective after travelling.

I think the biggest benefit of your book will come as a result of changing those that, for whatever reason, do not travel to places like Peru, Chile and Argentina. I am encouraging many around me to read your book, so that they too can share in some of the insights that I have learned and that you do such a great job of presenting. For me, many of the ideas and values that we seem to share have been firmly cemented in my mind by reading your book.

Thanks, Ryan Phillips, world traveler.”


“Hi Hugo,

Ici Marie-Louise. We met at a signing of your book in early June. To say the least, I could not put the book done. For you, the book was a true " prise de conscience", an awakening. For me, it was the most remarkable book that I have read in years. It had such impact. Merci. Anyhow, I am recommending the book to the English Dept. at the French language secondary school that I will be teaching at. Once again, thank you for writing about such an unbelievable adventure and for willingly sharing it with the literary world.

Au revoir, Marie-Louise, teacher.”


“Hugo Bonjean,

I recently purchased your book in Saskatoon at the exhibition. I asked you to sign it to my son who was in a rehabilitation center for drug addiction at that time. You signed it " For Travis enjoy the reading & may it inspire you" and inspire him you did! He has been clean for a month now and he just finished the book this past weekend and he couldn't stop talking to me about it.

Sincerely, Shelly Mcketsy, mother.

P.S that was the best $22.00 i have ever spent on him!”


“Dear Mr. Bonjean,

In a moment of synchronicity, you walked out of the crowd and sold me a copy of your book at Indigo (Eaton Centre) in downtown Toronto.  I am a veterinarian with a MA in Leadership and Training and had decided to redirect my career just weeks before you presented your book to me.  Reading Anahita helped cement my path.

 Thank you for writing and marketing "In the Eyes of Anahita".  It is always motivating to find others who share the same beliefs about co-creating a better world.

I did my masters at Royal Roads University in Victoria.  The alignment between your vision/mission/values and their curriculum is remarkable. My professors were consultants and had a dramatic affect on my life. Perhaps an association with the university would allow you to impact more people. Due to the uncanny similarities, I thought you might want to explore a teaching position at the university.  Once again, thank you for the book and taking the time to read my email.  I hope you have a wonderful day!   

Sincerely, Stacey White, veterinarian.”

“Dear Hugo Bonjean,

My partner and I met you at the PNE last week, in Vancouver. We've never heard of you before, but your energy and the vibration of your booth seemed compelling. We bought your book In the Eyes of Anahita, and are over halfway through. We are thoroughly enjoying your story, and have learned many life lessons so far. I find discovering new ways of being easier to digest in story form, as adventures are sweet experiences to take in. Yours indeed has been very synchronistic, and that gives me chills. Thank you for taking the time to write your amazing book!

All the best, Sahara Exodus”


“A few months ago while browsing around in a Chapters store in Calgary I came across your book In the eyes of Anahita, and what I read on the back of the cover sure interested me. I then decided to buy the book, and left it on my night table for a while, as I have a crazy schedule working full time outside the house, operating a farm with my family and raising our daughters with my husband. I love reading, but don’t have enough time…! Finally last week I started reading the book and couldn’t put it down. It is one of the most amazing books I have read, the message you convey, the questions you awoke in me were phenomenal…! I was born and grew up in Mexico City, I speak fluently French, Spanish and English, the poverty, the contrast between rich and poor that you talk about, I know it very well. I sure hope a lot of people can read that book and get the message you convey, that wealth is not the only thing in the world, and that the world is in dire need of more people like you that look at human life in a respectful manner no matter what. Rather than focusing on becoming richer and richer no matter what...

 I hope one day to have the privilege of meeting you and maybe discussing some of those issues. In the mean time, I will make changes in my life and I will be visiting some of the web sites you mentioned at the end of your book to see in what way I can maybe help making this world a better place for all of our brothers and sisters. I have passed the book to my two daughters to read and will definitively recommend it to as many people as I can.  I wanted to send you this note to congratulate you for having written such a powerful book

 Good luck in your life.



“We met, although briefly, at the VIP invitation at this years Klondike Days in Edmonton. I was with 3 others, two of which were a mother and daughter from Argentina.

 I enjoyed your book which has helped me to strengthen my need to make a difference.

Jai Guru Dev, Dave Higgs, Corporate Sales Manager”


“Hello Hugo,

It was a pleasure talking to you last Thursday. Thank you for sharing with me your impressions about your trip in Latin America.  As discussed, I have never read a book written by someone from North America which talks about the Latin issues in such a way.  We will be grateful to have your book translated into Spanish and into Portuguese and I have taken this goal as a personal one as it would make me very happy to see that Latin Americans will have this great book available on the shelves of their bookstores.
Sincerely, (Shirley) Guadalupe Arias”


“Dear Mr. Bonjean

 first off i would like very much to express my gratitude to you and your work, in the eyes of anahita.  your experiences were wonderful and touching.  i myself am an 18 year old student, studying at the greatest environmental school in the world, Fleming!!! woot, pardon my enthusiasum! but the fact that synchronicity actual began to happen to someone (yourself) is very intriguing. i suppose being with the flow makes everything fall into place. thank you very much for the book and the knowledge you have given me so far!

 james, ontario”


“Dear Mr. Bonjean,

I am Anahita Marashi I am half blooded Iranian on my father's side. I have a Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary Education with A Major in English and a Minor
in Drama (specializing in Shakespearien Studies). I am 40 years old and I have a 22 year old son who works with homeless teens and wants to go into Social Work. I
raised him as a single parent in poverty and survived many challenges working in poor isolated Aboriginal communities. I have taught school from an ethnographer's perspective in that I have adapted to the culture of the First Nation and Metis communities that I have worked in. I have struggled to find my own spiritual identity because my mother was Catholic and my father was Muslim so I grew up confused. I did not know whether to hail Mary while facing Mecca or not. I found God in Alcoholics Anonymous and I have been drug and alcohol free for 18 years. I joined the Salvation Army Church and taught in their inner-city Sunday School. I was trying to search the origins of my Persian name and your book title came up and I cried as I read it. You see I have been searching
for the purpose of my life. I have witnessed child abuse in every community I taught and I have been ordered by administration not to report it - even in the Christian School I taught. I was told if I reported it I would not have a job or my life was threatened by the
parents. If I had kept quiet I would be much more money than I am now as a childcare worker, but I could not say nothing. My teacherage up north was broken into and all my possessions and teaching credentials were stolen, it felt as if my identity had been stolen too.
So today to fulfill my thirst for knowledge I tutor university students for free. I want to work with impoverished youth again. I took the Global Education course at the University of Alberta by Dr. Toh Sween and served as a secretary for the Filopino students
association. This course focused on the issues of world peace, social justice, environmental care, fair trade and human rights. I received a 9.0 in the course the highest grade. I believe I am on a mission that God enabled me to become education so that I can teach the
oppressed how to find their own voice in their writing so they can be their own advocates. Unfortunately, most urban school systems do not want someone with my background and Aboriginal experience, I am hoping you will consider me as an ally not in spite of who I am ,
but because of who I am. I have taught pregnant teens, delivered babies in class, run student breakfast programs, and cleaned toilets for youth recreation programs. My sincerity and my humility are my credentials.... my goal to give our youth the skills to pay the bills in our fierce labour market.... please help me help our youth.

Sincerely, Anahita Marashi”

“Hello Mr. Hugo Bonjean,

 I personally bought your book from you on July 1, in Victoria and finished reading it before coming back to Calgary.  Excellent.

Sincerely & with integrity, Dorothy Sessa”


“Hi Hugo:

I read about your ideas and like what you are saying. And for that reason, I wanted to take a minute to see if you have had a chance to read Paul Hawken's excellent paper sited below critiquing a lot of the companies which have SRI programs in place. A lot of brokers don't even know about this info. Perhaps you could peruse it and send it on to others.
Marita Haberland”

“M. Bonjean:

Thank you so much for your terrific book!!  I have told so many people about it that I went back to Chapters (Bayview Village) to buy some copies to give away, but found that there were none in the store.  I sent them a note ....and now there are some copies there.  I want everyone I know to read this book!

 Ever since I met you, and started to read the book, opportunities to help have just been coming at me one after the other.  I am (as you did) just taking it all in, and so my life is about to take a complete turn.

We learned some time ago that we (WMC) would be bought out by BHP Billiton, and the Toronto office closed.  At 58 years of age I wanted to make the best of it, but had no idea what that meant in detail.  A tourist-type safari has now turned into a trip to Chiang Mai, N. Thailand, to volunteer at The Elephant Nature Park (yes-it's an elephant sanctuary) for two weeks in September.  As I was planning that I was offered a job-opportunity to manage the Toronto office for VOICE for Hearing-impaired Children.  This appears to be a dream-job for me, now, to work in a non-profit helping environment.  I have taken the job.  Just keeping one's eyes and heart open, and listening, allows for all kinds of little opportunities to put a smile on someone's face in day-to-day life.  Every time it happens to me I am reminded of the lessons in your book.

 Again, I Thank you, and I wish you and your family, all the best in your endeavours.

 As my friend Kelly wrote yesterday from her (new) Intl. Red Cross job in Banda Aceh....

"Yesterday I was out at lunch with 3 workmates. As we drove through the middle of town, my colleague pointed out some of the earthquake and tsunami damage. Three storey buildings were destroyed by the earthquake that day. Next door there was a park-like area that had been flooded and was filled with bodies. So many people died here. It is hard to understand."............and then....."Start saving the world now!!!"

Sincerely, Jane  Stanley”


“Hello Hugo,

We met briefly last night in Chapters. I purchased your book. I mentioned to you that I lived and worked in developing countries and now run my own business creating herbal products and educating on the use of herbs. I also mentioned to you that I am interested in sourcing more of our ingredients through fair trade, as we presently do with shea butter (which comes from Ghana). I work with a friend who is a Ghanian/Canadian on this project.

I started to read your book last night and it is very inspiring. I really appreciate the info at the back, this will help me start my search for more fair trade ingredients

This morning when I woke up I picked up your book and flipped through it from back to front. Page 186 stared at me and the words...."Learn and enjoy life"...!! I read on then went back to the beginning of that chapter ("Life is Time") and read the whole thing.

These words and this chapter had a profound affect on me. Although I think of myself as a person who does learn and enjoy life the past year has made that difficult for me. Without going into too much detail here, I just want to say I am thankful for these words and the reminder to learn from everything that happens to us.


Debbie Luce.”


“Good evening Hugo:

 Thank you for this book - interesting to have met you when I was thinking about where I wanted to go next.   You were in the Ottawa South Keys Chapters.

 At that time, I was just about to resign from my job.  So I have done that and now what?  For me it is simply about taking another step in the land of the living.

 Your book spoke to me of responsibilities, awareness and trust.  A theme so very woven in my life.  So in asking myself where next, I choose to put these three words in my being - and allow that being to grow.  But the grandness will be, grow into what type of human "being".

 So I present two pieces of my work from my heart to yours:


But what of the process?
What of the struggle?What of the changes that are available to me?
The process of creating a community of awareness, responsbility and trust.
The trust you have in others and the trust you have in Me are one and the same.
If you trust another more than Me, you are looking outside yourself.

And that is OK.

But given where you wish to head, it will only lead to mistrust.
You will have missed the boat, you will have missed the train.
The ride could be a little bumpy.


What is night blindness?It is not that we are afraid of the dark,
it's that we give a blind eye to all the darkness that surrounds us.
Is it that we are aware of this and choose to believe that there is nothing
that we can do about the night blindness?
Healing can be brought about when it is remembered
that it is our light
unto the darkness that heals the blindness.
I once was blind, but now can see.
Amazing Grace.

I am grateful for our paths crossing.  I wish for myself to be a light in this world.  So I will continue to write, continue to counsel people to remember their magnificence.  This is done simply by being the best that I can in my everyday situations.  I do not do this perfectly, simply the perfection is that I strive to do it consciously.

 So thank you for sharing your consciousness.  I am grateful.

All the best,

Nicole Bonneau, Ottawa”



my commendations to you on this fine novel. It is refreshing indeed to pick up a novel that is as much a work in theology, philosophy and morality as it is 'a story'. And indeed the timing could not be more appropriate, given the current centristic view of the world shared by most westerners. That poverty existed in the world was something I had known for quite some time. But oftentimes, we overlook the poverty because we don't have images to match up with the poverty. Your book is a captivating piece of work that doesn't take the reader to these places inasmuch as you bring the places to us. The book is unique in that it might very well be 'genre-less' - it is indeed a fictional account of one man's journey not only to South America but equally to the inner regions of his own soul. Yet, there's no secret that this book is documentarian in nature as well. The images that scroll across the screen as we read this book are all too real. It's as much a case study in capitalism, environmental and social neglect, church and government neglect, and a study in the metaphysical, as it is a 'novel'. The book provides something for everyone on the great pendulums of life - the devout and the doubters, the capitalists and the humane, those lost and those found…the eye openers should strike us one and all.

If anything, your book proves that with art we can achieve greatness when we stray from the norms. My appreciation to Eagle Vision for having the foresight to publish such an important work in a time when neglect and ignorance are at an all-time high among those of us who tread upon rich soil. When I met you at Chapters a couple of weeks back you signed the book I bought, indicating your wish that this book would inspire me. It not only inspired me, it helped me to grow in the very short time it took me to read it. The image of that child, observing the leaf in a puddle of sewer water, and yet finding joy in the midst of such despair found its way to my heart and mind. I wrote a poem that essentially attempts to capture that moment. Hopefully you will find in the words of that poem the degree to which your book did inspire me…

 Leaves in Puddles

These are the children of poverty

Born into this plight

Through no doing of their own

Walking through the village pathways

With shoeless feet and tattered clothes

And a sense of accepting what is less

Because they’ve never known there is more

In other corners of a hidden globe.

I see one young boy right now

Sitting in the middle of the village road

Observing a leaf trail slowly across a puddle

And laughing as though this were joy

That the unsuspecting leaf was a toy

And I wonder how it is heavenly possible

That amidst such earthly ruin and loss

The spirit is able to somehow rise

From such an impoverished little boy

Who can only hope there will always be leaves in puddles.

                                        April 9, 2005

Dean Cutler”


I just read your book, In The Eyes of Anahita. Interesting! One of the more interesting aspects of your book that intrigued me was your description of experiencing the Source and/or Light. My daughter had a similar experience about 3 years ago. We met a fella in Armstrong BC who actually brought my daughter, in a type of meditation, on a journey to what he later described as to the Source, the Father, the Almighty, the Light. I have wanted to learn more about what allows a person to have this knowledge, insight or power to lead someone into such a journey or experience. If nothing else, I'd like to better understand all that is, The Oneness that we are all apart of. If you ever have the time or interest to meet sometime, please drop me a line so we can set up a time to get together and share.

In Love, Mark Hogan”


“Hi Hugo,

I finally completed your book today. I bought it at the “Celebrations” Art and crafts show in Edmonton. You can add my name to your list of people who thoroughly enjoyed it. (I hope it becomes a best seller for you and our planet) I believe that we all have a calling however we need to be silent and calm to hear it. You have some tremendous insights, when you write about the light with-in- I too try to express a similar experience that I had, in 1986, through my art. Not everyone can see it but I truly believe we are all connected to the “source”, I watched my mother’s spirit leave her body after 7 weeks in ICU after a fatal car accident 8 years ago. So my faith continues to strengthen.

Thank you for signing my book – To Carmen enjoy the reading. May it inspire you!
Signed Hugo Bonjean

Thank you Hugo, you have inspired me. I think this might be the first Author that I have wrote to tell them that and I have read a lot of books over the years.

Hope to hear from you -continue to have a great Journey!!!

Carmen Haakstad”


“Dear Hugo,

I would just like to thank you again for taking the time to speak to our book club on Monday night.  I thoroughly enjoyed our evening with you.  The time flew by and I wish we could have had more time to talk with you and listen to you and your stories.

I want to let you know how much your book affected me.  It has given me a lot of insight into myself, both personally and spiritually.  I have already noticed some changes that I have made within myself and how I deal with certain situations.  People have often spoken to me about books that have impacted them and I have always been skeptical about it, but this was the first time a book has ever impacted me in such a way.  So many of your words echoed my thoughts and feelings, it was like you were inside my head.  I was wondering if you had already sent or considered sending your book to Oprah?  If anyone could get your message out there, she could.  And I think she would be on the same page as you in your thinking.  If you need it to be sent by someone other than you or your distributor I would be very happy to send it to her with my highest recommendations.

Thank you again for your time and also the wonderful cookies your wife so kindly baked for us.  You are a very well spoken man as well as a very well written one.  I wish you great success in spreading your word.

Yours truly,

Lauren Dawe”


“Hi Hugo,

I met you in Indigo today and bought your book. I read your  book today and I found it quite powerful. I've had some experience with a Divine Mother as it happens. You definitely have a great positive, open, broad-minded, (Aquarian!) vibe. I am an Aquarius as well Feb 10/77.  Your book has a lot to it and.. I  feel it is infused with a spiritual energy as well and it speaks to me  on a quite profound level and I feel it really is time for your book. Now that I've read your book, perhaps I will talk to you some more if  you are going to be at Indigo again on Sunday. I really sense that your book will be a powerful agent in creating the new world we need to create. I'm going to be re-reading it to absorb it. I have to say I found it very easy to read and well-written in the sense that your descriptions draw the reader into an experience. By the way, have you ever read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - he's another European who as relocated to western Canada (Vancouver) - that was the last very powerful book I read (http://www.eckharttolle.com). Your book touches on that same idea of time and the mind and being in the moment.



“Hello Hugo,

I met you briefly at your stop in Winnipeg at the Chapters at Polo Park. The timing couldn't have been better for me.  Your book has really touched upon the thoughts and feelings I've personally had for quite some time about how we simply can't keep "doing what we're doing" without thinking of the environmental, social and spiritual impact it has on every living thing.  I find these feelings of needing to finally honor and respect our planet, and all it's living things, are becoming harder and harder to ignore.  In the eyes of Anahita seems to be another "synchronicity" on my own search for truth.

I thank you.



“Dear Hugo,

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Borders and struck by your book. The sub-title "...in search of humanity" just blew me away, and it drove me to purchase and read the book. I also got the autograph edition – which is cool :)  At first, I didn't know what "Anahita" meant and it's very interesting to find out about some cultural perspective in South America.

I totally love your book. I like the fact that it's a mix of different perspectives of the world; the business, the humanity, and the culture. Well, thank you so much for a great inspiration. Will definitely recommend this to my friends as awesome reading :)

Best wishes, Yusiana”


“Hugo - I meant to respond to this some time ago and let you know that I read your book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a remarkable thinker and an inspiring man. My children and I just sponsored a foster child, a boy named Al Mamun from Bangladesh. I carry a new way of thinking in light of your book. Bravo to you and your family. What a wonderful thing it is when we learn to think outside the box, and begin to watch the dominos fall, one by one in the world.. I wish you all the best.

Take care, Diane Dolsen, layer.


“Hello, Mr Hugo Bonjean.

This is Gesine Reinhold writing to you. We had a very interesting talk with each other, at the end of which you gave me your book "In the eyes of Anahita". I'm still very grateful to you for having done that.  I had promised you to let you know about my impressions of your book, and I want to keep my promise. Without any doubt, I like(d) your novel. Particularly, I like the style you used - it's quite formal, which makes it easy to understand for me. Usually I have more difficulties in understanding English books when they are written in a very colloquial style, using lots of slang words etc. As an English teacher that has to prepare her students for their final exams I prefer the formal style, including lots of useful adjectives, adverbs, transitions etc. I could also identify plenty of stylistic devices, which make - to my mind - reading more interesting and the plot better understandable.

According to its content, I can say that your thoughts mostly meet mine. There is a lot of philosophizing in your dialogues, but the way you embedded these dialogues in your encounters with so many interesting people is really appreciative. And I absolutely like(d) your way of creating suspense in the first chapters by using words that make the reader want to read on.

I share the same worries about what's going on during this current globalization like you have. And this is surely the basis for answering your final question "What will your part be?" You enumerate several types of people that can contribute to a better and fairer world, among them parents, politicians, consumers and voters. I am a voter and a consumer myself - and I am a parent. I think in these three "functions" I have already done something good for others. But I also feel that as a teacher I'm very much responsible for my students learning about the injustices and conflicts in our world. With lots of little things, including choosing appropriate texts and projects for my lessons dealing with environmental problems, comparisons of education systems, differences between the big industrial states and the countries of the Third World, the role of the media and so forth ( I could mention lots of other topics we have and want to deal with in our lessons ), I can open my students' eyes to existing problems and we can discuss about possible ways of solving them. I believe it's also necessary for youngsters to get into contact with people somewhere else in the world and find out about their same interests, worries and attitudes.

In conclusion, I want to express my hope that you can realize that there are supporters of your view regarding the problems in our world. I'm going to evoke my colleagues' and students' interests in reading your book. And I hope that many more people, not only in Canada and Europe, will have access to your inspiring book and will appreciate it as much as I do after reading it.

For the coming year I'd like to wish you and your family all the best.

Kind regards. Gesine Reinhold, English teacher, Germany”

“I'm the RBC bank manager with the white beard, who met you while purchasing your book on first day of Art Fair on inner harbour in Victoria July 1st. As mentioned when I came back a couple of days later to see you  - great job with the book  - you were able to put into words common values/thoughts of many others including my wife and myself - once my wife finishes reading it, we will be passing the book along to others (there is a list).   (we also have been supporting kids overseas for over 10 yrs via the Canadian Foster Parents Plan  - it's the least we can do)

cheers & thanks for the book …ian”

Ian James, RBC Branch Manager


“Dear Hugo,

Synchronicity was most assuredly working this last Saturday (8 October, 2005).  By a whimsical bit of fate I was in Chapters in Barrie, ON, looking for new books and happened (a most fortuitous event) to notice you, your display, and " In The Eyes of Anahita'.  Imagine a narrow three-hour window and fate brought us together from great distances. We shook hands and briefly spoke. You graciously autographed my copy of your book, and I departed back to my daughter's home in Barrie. I opened the book and could not put it down, I read through the entire book and finished it Sunday evening after our Thanksgiving dinner.  I sat, in awe of what you experienced, shared, and have asked as questions.  I knew that I, too, was not alone.  Be well, and thank you sincerely for listening to the Source, for your book will carry a message many have been waiting to hear.

All my best,

Bill Easley”

“Dear Hugo:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.

I've finished reading "In the Eyes of Anahita" which I got from you in Chapters (Surrey) yesterday afternoon.

As you wrote in the inscription, "May it inspire you" I just thought to tell you that it indeed has.

 I've found that books, like people, often tend to find us when we are in a state ready to accept their lessons..... and I will be reflecting on your lessons for some time as I am in the midst of a career change (from CEO of a technology company, a business that has taken me to many countries including Chile [at least Santiago where I have made the drive to the airport to the city exactly as you describe...] with the extreme mix of conditions and humanity that you have described, to a new, as yet undecided path).

 I've been somewhat procrastinating over the last month at the prospect moving forward without certainty however, as I've been reading and reflecting more and more on the volunteer work I do to help fund schools and libraries through "Room to Read" in Asia (and soon Africa)... and your novel, I feel, will be an important piece of my figuring which way to go as I seek a meaningful future.

 So thanks once again for "making eye contact" and leaving me with no choice but to buy the book once you had done so!

 Best regards,

David Soul

ps... on a lighter side, I got a chuckle when your narrative described the reaction to how good the "Pisco Sour" was ... having also been in the position of having all eyes pinned on me in similar expectations!”

“Hi Hugo:  A client of mine Jeff Reading of the Calgary Board of Education loaned me your book.......and to say I was captivated beyond expectations is an understatement.  I have recently left a corporate environment to set up my own "shop" and your book clarified my purpose and gave credence to the path I have chose to create for myself and my clients.  I would love to speak to you live about your current works.

Mary Morrison

Hail Mary Consulting Services”

“Dear Hugo Bonjean,

Thank you so much for telling your story and their story.  I felt so much sadness and guilt that "we" as people who live in our little bubbled world of Louis Vutton bags and SUV's don't always get the big picture.  I thank you for stopping me at the Signal Hill Indigo when I was with my two children to ask me to buy your book.  You signed it for my 10 year old son who is now in the process of reading it.  His questions are such that I no longer have the answers.  I have suggested this read to my book club.  Perhaps when the time comes to discuss the book you would like to join us.

God Bless,

Tamara Watkins”


“Mr. Bonjean:

Thank you very much for the being the "affirmation" that I have found my way back after spending the last couple of years making peace with my past.  The last few days I have been experiencing the synchronicity that I thought might never came back and meeting you in the Victoria Chapters was another manifestation of that.  I know in my heart the Universe didn't turn its back on me, but understood that I needed to take a little detour on my own to learn some things that only I could learn, accept, make my peace and let go of. But no matter how wrapped up I was in what I shall call for the lack of a better phrase as my midlife crisis, I knew there was support around me every day and I am grateful that She never left me.  I hope to find a way to honor Her more in my daily life again.  I discovered recently what I was afraid of and with some other events, chatting with you for a mere few moments, and reading your book - that there is really nothing to be afraid of as long as I remember in my heart and my mind that it is all learning, as long as I continue to progress (sometimes at a snails pace) that I am still a part of the creative force in every one of us.  I believe I will be able to bring more of more of that into my life and become more settled and peaceful with each moment I have.

Please pass on a very grateful thankful to your beautiful wife (I say that because she is so beautiful for supporting you through your journey without hesitation or reservation) and to your children who brought you to your "fork in the road" and who didn't love you more or less when you came home.  They just love.  Now if we can only see that all children just have to do that and nothing more.  Wouldn't that be something?  I want to be a better mother to my two sons....it is never too early or too late to start that and it really is a privilege for the rest of one’s life.  I think I lost sight of that one somewhere.....

I hope I was not to personal with that last statement.  You hoped your book would inspire me.  It has to some point right now, but I know it may be some time, maybe years, until I get there - but I thank the powers that be (whatever one believes) that I will get there because I know I still have so much to learn.  That is the scary part at times for me.

Anyways thank you for making your story so personal.

Blessings to you,
Denene Ewert”


“Dear Hugo,

Thank you.

Thank you for inspiring me on my next journey.

I just finished your book this morning, and it confirmed and went beyond what I was already feeling and trusting about life.

I met you in Chapter at St Catharines (ON). I remember I did not have much time to stop and look at your book. Then I saw your name Hugo and that what made me stop! My 2 years old son is name Hugo too, and I just wanted to ask you if it was not to difficult to have this name in Canada. (some people already told him this kind of joke : U go and I stay!) Anyway you just gave me one of your books and I felt something strange and read quickly the back of the book and decided to have it. I completely forgot about the question, I knew that wasn't that important.

My husband and I moved in Canada 6 years ago, from France. We love so much this country we can't see our self going back to France. We have some big projects too to do something for others.

Before I finished your book I already bought 3 others copies for my friends. I know it's going to be a Xmas present for lots of people around me. I just wanted to know if you have already translated it... in French? I hope you are thinking about it.

Continue to inspire people around you.

Fabienne Alliou

Niagara-On-The-Lake (ON)”

“Dear Mr.Bonjean;

 What a fortunate woman I am,to have been loaned a copy of your most important book.

 I first read about you and your book in the news paper, and then my daughter and I were at the Christmas market at Spruce Meadows last year.  I purchased a copy for a Christmas gift for my step granddaughter, as well my daughter purchased a copy for herself, and said she would loan me hers, when she had read it.  I am going buy a copy to keep for myself, plus will purchase another 2 copies for some very special friends.

 I am so moved by this book, it is going to take me a few days to fully comprehend this, so that I can make some important decisions for my life as well.


Melva A Enevoldsen”


“ Dear Hugo,

I can't even describe how reading your book, has changed my life and my outlook. I had the pleasure of meeting you at the PNE where you signed my book.

I have always had a feeling there is something more than me out there but I could never figure it out, I tried religion (Christianity) that didn't work , I didn't feel whole, something was always out of place, it is almost like I have this huge burning desire to fill like something missing from my heart a sort of sadness that aches. I want more out of my life then what I have and I want to make a difference with my life. I remember being a child rocking back in forth crying and saying all I want to be is happy. I am 25 years old and I have two children ( 2 boys) who are 7 and 8 and I am a single mom , I had a rough up bringing which makes me who I am moved all across Canada ( Calgary, Montréal , Vancouver )  and have been through a lot of learning experiences (positive and negative) which now I have been able to appreciate but I have been living in fear , that wall of fear that I have been denying my life to it's true potential, I have been making  changes to my  life to enhance my life,  to be happy , not material things but doing things I have always had a passion for , actually living for me. Life will never be easy but what is easy for one person is a complete challenge for another, after reading your book I have more compassion for other life an understanding on life, and a will and desire to make it better. I want to thank you and your experiences for making me feel the way I do and inspiring me.

Since reading your book, I have gone back into acting that was a passion of mine that I gave up on, and now excelling in. I have would like to help out other abused women that have low self esteem that are afraid to leave I don't know how to yet get my story out there but maybe follow in your foot steps and share my experiences to help another person in need and write down and inspire someone to make a change in they're life.

When I met you at the PEN there were so many people around and you looked directly at me and I really don't know why I stopped at your booth and bought your book I had really no money on me but I knew I had to buy it, I'm not going to question why or how but I'm glad I did. In my book you signed " Enjoy the reading, May it inspire you", and it did.

Thank you for making a difference in my life.

Julia Robertson, CSR”


“Hi Hugo:

A friend gave me your book and said this is a book that is right up your alley. I was unable to put it down. It has answered some important questions for me and inspired me to do some thing with my thoughts and talents. I have been to South America a couple of times now and am going back this January. I am a photographer and I feel that I can capture the reality of the world outside of the North American view and help show how things can change for the better. I have a lot of ideas for a book I want to write as well.

I am living in High River, just down the road and am wondering if you would be able to meet over a fair trade coffee before I leave to discuss my plans and get some more insight.

Thank you for your time.

Brian Mitchell”

“Hello Hugo

I have just finished reading your wonderful book ! My daughter Elizabeth gave me a signed copy for Xmas. She met you in Kitchener at Chapters in the 1st or 2nd week in December. She told me that she has never bought a book without researching it first, but that your energy was something else. I read the book in 2 days, and had trouble putting it down. It is my cup of tea. I will not get into details yet, but a group of my friends have been working on interesting projects for over 15 years. I will not explain them to you till we are in position to really start in the next few weeks. The part that is interesting is that 1 of the projects in our mind is in Salta. It made my hair stand up! I don't want to seem mysterious, but I want things to be in place before telling you.

I have been on my quest for over 20 years, and have had some success. I am actually 74 but am very active and feel young. The part of farming and small communities are part of my up bring. I could go on, but I don't want to bore you. I have you and you work in my meditation daily. My good friend in Toronto just started your book today, and it will be interesting what he thinks. We have been working together on projects for years

We will keep in touch with you on our progress.

 Your book and thoughts are welded in my mind!

 Joy, Love, and Peace my friend !            Dan Stauffer ! ! ! ! !* * * *”


“Hugo, I was so fortunate to have met you and bought your book in early December in Westhills Indigo.  Although our time was brief, it lingers in my mind. You wrote "May it inspire you" and it has.

I have learned I can make a large amount of little differences.

As I told you at that time, a number of synchronistic events over the past year have been leading me in a direction towards what is starting to feel like a life purpose: improving human rights in corporations. These events have been impactful enough to have urged me to walk away from my professional practice and buy an environmental company.  I am being the change that I want to see and the actions feel big and daring and are wildly fulfilling.

Regards, Kathy Reich, CA, CMA, CFP, CPCC”


“Dear Hugo;

I have just finished your book and have been profoundly moved, and more importantly, motivated by the insights and messages within its pages - THANK YOU - for sharing this with us.

Additionally, and I sincerely hope that I have not overstepped myself here, but I have just sent and email to the Oprah Winfrey show regarding your book.  I begged them to read, and then hopefully, pass this along to our global community via the "Oprah Book Club" and her show.  This book is a MUST read on a mass level.

When I completed the last page of this book, I sat in my stillness and asked the question "what can I do beyond the obvious?"  Oprah popped into my head.............this needs get to heard - and so I was compelled - I hope that's alright?

I looked through your website but cannot find posted the schedule for your 2006 workshops, etc.  I live in Calgary, and so, I am able to attend anything that you may be doing close to home.  I would be delighted to participate in events that you have set up, so if possible, could you please forward that information to me.   Further, I will be purchasing a number of your books to give as "gifts" and to help spread this knowledge.

In Love and Light

Corrina Rasmussen”   


“I just finished reading your book after it was recommended and loaned to me by a friend. A friend of hers had gifted it to her this past Christmas after you had signed it at a nearby Ontario 'Chapters' Store. She thought it would be of interest to me and she was more than right.

 Twenty seven years ago I became a single parent to a beautiful son. Because he was of Dutch (me) and Fijian decent his most remarkable feature was and remains his huge dark eyes. I knew when I held him for the first time that he would do profound things. After receiving his Bachelor Degree in Business and Finance from Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo Ontario, he taught English as a Second Language in Taiwan, enjoying it enough to stay there for two years. When he came back to Canada he found work at the CIBC in loans and mortgages. He earns good money but I could tell he still wasn't 'in his groove'. He needed something meaningful and thankfully was lead to volunteer for Oxfam International in Toronto. He loves it. Then about three months ago he approached his Dad (I married when Derek was seven and we also have a awesome twenty year old daughter) and I with some news. Through his involvement with Oxfam and the 'make poverty history' campaign he has decided that he would 'rather work with the poor than for the rich'. This mother's heart nearly leapt from her chest when he announced that! I could see in his eyes that he had found his calling. He is now busying himself with two correspondence courses in micro and macro economics (he needs them because his degree was in finance) and has tentatively been accepted at Dalhousie University in September of 2006 for a Masters Degree in Developmental Economics.

 I am a practitioner of several Vibrational Energy Healing modalities and have had many mystical experiences of my own.  Being sensitive to the energies of others I can testify that this young man's energy has shifted and increased with every decision he makes regarding this path.

He will be reading your book as soon as there is a break in his studies, right now he's neck deep in Economics textbooks.

Thank you for writing this book. I hope our Source of All continues to provide all it is you need.

Brightest of Blessings,

Bonni, Bowmanville, Ontario”

Good Afternoon Hugo,

I hope you are doing well.   I finished reading your book not too long ago and yes, it did inspire me.   Although you may not remember me as you have met thousands of people but I met you at the Chapters in Barrie a few months ago.   I was a little in a hurry (story of my life) and thought I would stop in and pick up a gift certificate for my brother-in-law and thought I would pick up a book for myself since I had just finished the book I had been reading.  As I pulled in the Chapters, my son started complaining that he didn't feel well and of course my thought was "ok, I better make this real quick".   I was going to go check if they had the book "the 10th insight from James Redfield) and grab the Gift Certificate and head out.   But as I walked through the doors, there was a man standing at a table and I thought " Oh god, he's going to try to sell me something, if I don't make eye contact I might be able to avoid him".........  (that was nice of me wasn't it).   In all honesty, I wish I spent more time talking to you.   I have so many questions for you but first off I mus say that your work is excellent and the message your sending is not heard enough nowadays and is really unfortunate.
As you can imagine, it was pretty hard adjusting to the move to the "big city" of Toronto, after being raised in a small rural farm.  I have been in the Toronto area for almost 13 years now and I have found a great place to work and people treat each other with respect and dignity.   I couldn't ask for a better place to work.

I have gone on your website a few times since I finished reading your book and was wondering why you hadn't posted any more thoughts or comments after February?  In a sense I wonder if you are/were feeling what I have been feeling over the last two weeks.   We have raising money to support the Friends of We Care charity and we will also be raising money in December to support a family (victim of violence) at Christmas time and I must say that at times it is quite discouraging to try to make a difference in this
world.   How do you stay motivated?

I hope I haven't bored you to death, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that you have an admirer (of your work) here in Ontario and I really enjoyed reading your book and meeting you.  (I just wished I had stopped to hear the music).
Best wishes to you and your family!


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