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 "Dad, why do people have to pay for food?" That was the question my seven-year old son asked me at the start of the new millennium.  Little did I know how that question eventually would change my life.

            As most of us do when we get confronted with such a question, I pondered it for a while but eventually the day to day hustle and bustle took over and made me move on to other things that required my attention.  It was only a year later when I took on an executive position with Marriott International and my travels in South America allowed me to witness extreme contrast between rich and poor that the question came back to the foreground. 

            What I saw in the slums I could not justify and it prompted me to question my role in the world.  I concluded I was more part of the problem than part of the solution--not that Marriott was a bad company--but the bottom line of my actions was that I was moving money from a developing country into the pockets of some already rich people in North America.  That simply was not enough anymore.  So I left my corporate life behind me and now write and present in order to awaken people to some realities in the world--which most people in developed countries are unaware of--and to inspire and empower them to make a difference.

            In the Eyes of Anahita tells the story of a business executive--based on me--who deals with rich and poor and is confronted with the question: Are Human Beings Being Human?  It is the start of a mystical adventure through Argentina, Chile, Peru--where I crossed the Andes--and into Brazil.  Along the way he discovers pieces of the puzzle, but ultimately discovers the answer in the eyes of Anahita.

            It is my hope that In the Eyes of Anahita will open your eyes to some problems, but also solutions in our world and inspire you to take action and become a little raindrop of change.  Just like the ocean is a mighty body of water, but ultimately consists of googles of little raindrops, together lots of us can form a powerful wave of change and create the world we all dream of.

            With hope and respect,

                                                                                       Hugo Bonjean (the Gringo)

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