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In the Eyes of Anahita has been a favorite with book clubs across Canada.  Book clubs enjoy Hugo's stories because they provoke thought and are excellent material for dynamic discussions. From time to time when his schedule permits, Hugo meets with book clubs either in person or, for those clubs with a wide angle webcam and a quality speaker, over Skype.

To request a book club visit, write an e-mail to and mark clearly in the subject line: "book club visit," and add the date and location to it.

Below are some questions to spark your book discussion.
  1. How important is security in your life?  How does the illusion of security influence your decisions?  Has it ever stopped you from following your dreams?
  2. How often are your decisions driven by fear?  What does that tell you about your faith (in life, God, Divine, ...)?  What drives your fears?
  3. Do Mothers and Grandmothers represent the creative power of this Universe?  How does our society honour that?  Do Mothers and Grandmothers stand-up for those creative powers?  Should they do this more or less or in different ways?
  4. Does science create its own limitations?  Why or why not?
  5. How do expectations and the sense of control lead to frustration, anger and conflict?  Can you find examples within your own life?  What do we control?
  6. Have you noticed synchronicity at work in your own life?  Share examples. How does synchronicity relate to flow?
  7. What is conflict?  How do our egos lead to conflict?  How can this understanding help you to transform potential conflicts into constructive conversations?
  8. Are we superior to the other creatures on this planet?  Why or why not?  In your experience have you seen how animals can express emotion?  How they have a unique character?  How they can be creative and have a sense of self?
  9. How does judging limit our growth?
  10. What is "civilized?"
  11. If we can only get our coffee and bananas for the price we get them now by employing economic slaves in a global economy, how will globalization lift all people out of poverty?  Think through the math of this myth.
  12. Food is a human right. What does that mean?  Is this so in reality? Why or why not?
  13. How did a minority of the world population obtain the right to the majority of the world's food resources?  Why do we allow people-children-to be hungry?
  14. Why do we in the first world countries hold the keys to change the life circumstances of people in third world countries?  What has to change in order to make lasting long term changes to the poor people's life circumstances?
  15. Is a global society a social globe?
  16. Can there be a role for violence in social change?  Why or why not?
  17. How are time, duality and oneness related? How should we change the questions about our society to find answers that can lead to a more harmonious planet?
  18. What can we learn from Paul's experience in the Andes about our garbage problem?
  19. What changes are required to make trade ethical (again)?
  20. What can you do as consumer and citizen to work towards a more just and sustainable world?
  21. Why are people in developing countries often happier than people in first world countries?  What stands in the way of our happiness?  What is the relationship between happiness and value?
  22. Is trust given or earned?  Discuss. How does trust relate to creativity?
  23. Can you truly split business from personal life?  If not, what have been the consequences of doing that? If so, why?
  24. What is the role of storytellers in a society?  Who are our storytellers?  What values do they celebrate and preach?
  25. Why was it necessary for Anahita to hold the golden heart into Paul's chest?
  26. What is good and evil? 
  27. What does it mean to be human?  Are human beings being human?
  28. What is death?  Should we treat it differently than we do now?
  29. Why did Paul shoot the deer?  What did the author want to demonstrate with that act?
  30. What will your next step be?


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